U235 SoundEngine 0.24 released!

Proud to release the best most stable version of our sound engine to-date! Not just a simple set of extra features added but some significant improvements added in this release, as well as some annoying bugs being squashed.

Unfortunately some of the improvements and fixes have required changes to how some commands are called, these are kept to a minimum but sometimes they simply have to happen. Both of the two breaking changes are detailed in the changelog (available here and on the obtain page) and relate to SoundBank selection and the U235SE_modaddy/modaddy variable. The changes are small, but will cause existing code to break, so please read and understand these changes before attempting to use this version.

With that bad news out the way, what is the exciting new improvements? Well better interaction with the Jaguar’s memory bus! The size of cached data pre-fetched has been increased, this means less interruptions to bus access as sample data is fetched in larger chunks, for small samples this could even mean keeping the DSP off the bus almost completely! AND improved playback accuracy, not just slightly, but by a factor of 10! this results in notes and fractional notes sounding much better and in-tune.

There are other improvements as always, and thanks to code provided by CJ (Reboot) demonstrating a bug that would cause module playback to stop, this bug has now been removed allowing for module changes without risk of music going away.

We hope you enjoy this update and thank you for your continued use of our software.