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Pure DSP Sound Engine

The Atari Jaguar features a whole RISC CPU intended for audio. U-235 have therefore decided that something should be written to make use of this, and not only that, but that it should be made freely available to the Atari Jaguar community as a whole! So, here it is…..

The U-235 SoundEngine provides simple high quality audio playback for your Atari Jaguar projects. No need to write your own sound routines or tracker module playback code. Simply drop it in, initialise and start making noise.


  • 8 independant voices
  • 16-bit Pseudo random number generator
  • Per voice volume control
  • Music and SFX master mix volumes
  • Mono or Stereo playback for music or sound effects
  • 4-channel Amiga Tracker Module support
  • Entirely RISC-based DSP core
  • High fidelity sample playback
  • Kudos Ware Licensing model (Free, just mention you are using it)
  • Ongoing active development