The U-235 Disassembler is a small simple tool to allow the disassembly of Jaguar RISC code.  In addition to this it also has limited MIPS R3000 disassembly abilities as well.

Code can be either output to the console window directly or written to an output file, if you know the base address that the code is for then this too can be supplied.  Both the Jaguars GPU and DSP are supported, it is down to the user to select which core the binary blob is for as it is not possible to determine this from the raw binary itself.

In addition to disassembling there is also a “hunt” feature which will look through the binary data for possible addresses of valid code for the specified core.  (Currently only JRISC cores are supported, the results of a hunt will be “likely” to be valid code, but may not be, it is down to the user to ascertain).