DreamSystems 2 VHS

These were created before YouTube was a thing, as such I may look into replacing or removing this content with something more appropriate – LinkoVitch

PanamaJoe mentioned he had in his possession a VHS tape he picked up from ebay which featured clips of a large variety of Jaguar games. There was obvious interest from some people in the community who wished to view this content. Recently PanamaJoe was looking to sell on this tape as he had finished with it, I propositioned him with the prospect of releasing it via the internet and offered to encode it for him. He very kindly agreed to this, and as a result I now present for you on behalf of PanamaJoe the Dream Systems 2 – Atari Jaguar VHS tape in DivX format.

As the tape is 3 hours long, I am having to work on it in pieces, so this list of titles will steadily increase over time as I get more of the tape processed.

000 Senses Jaguar advert (4.3MB)
001 VidGrid (37 MB)
002 Fight for Life (39MB)
003 Breakout 2000 (20MB)

Thanks to PanamaJoe for the loan of the tape and allowing me to release it’s content, also thanks to Dave Reader for the loan of the Frame buffer.