JagFest UK 2003 Video

Here is the video footage that I (LinkoVitch) took during our trip to JagFest UK 2003.

The video features me wandering around the event when we arrived, then again during full swing, with a few close-ups of various bits and pieces. Then we have the prize draw for the raffle 16/32 systems held, followed by the semi-final and final of Tyrants Tempest 2000 tourney. Enough ramble. Enjoy the videos.

This is the evening before the doors opened for the 1st day.  People setting up and getting in some fiddle time before the main event.

First day, the event is in full swing, a quick wander around with the camera

Here we have the Raffle draw on the last day of the event (look GazTee even has hair! :D)

And at the end of the last day there was the Tempest 2000 Competition (ran by Tyr).  Semi-Final featuring Blower vs Jagman, and then the winner of that facing Xerius of Jagware.