Unfortunately there are going to be bugs in software like these.  Please if you discover something not on this list let me know asap.

If something is on this list, it will be fixed at some point, I will try to kill off at least one bug per release depending on time-scales and other feature/work being done on the engine at the time.

Reported Reporter Description Fixed in
2018-10-27 Carl Forhan If a tracker module has notes in the 8th Octave, this caused a pause in pad reading and general system pause,also the note is not played. 

It is suspected that this may be due to the 8th Octave pushing the playback frequencies beyond those possible with just 16bits, so frequencies passed to the SE are now right shifted 1 bit (halved) doubling the available range.

2014-03-03 Cyrano Jones Stopping the SE and then re-starting it doesn’t work consistently, sometimes no audio/pad reading occurs on a restart of the SE. (Big thanks to CJ for finding this and even providing the solution with the bug 🙂 cheers) 0.22
2014-02-26 sh3-rg Finetune on module samples isn’t working 0.22
2014-01-26 LinkoVitch SE command 7 ignores rate change parameter in Y, only takes in frequency in X even if this is null  
  Cyrano Jones Add master volume settings to the manual 0.21
  Matmook Small looped samples sound off pitch 0.20