Under construction

Reactris is still very much a WIP. What is available at the moment is the versi on that was produced for AC2011 24 hour coding competition. This is provided to give an idea of what the game will be like, as well as what can be done on a Ja guar, from scratch in less than 24 hours.So is that it? in a word, no. There are definite plans to finish off Reactris, it was fun to do.As this much was done in under 24 hours, why is it taking so long to finish? If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. We do not want to push out some half finished piece of crap, as such Reactris will be finished to a standard that all involved are satisfied with. Also there are a great many things missing from the AC2011 version (sound for one), and a lot of the code is horrible and awkward. These are the side effects of writing something in a condenced time frame.

How much will it cost when it’s done? We write games for the fun of writing games, because we want to. We know that no one is going to make a living from writing games for an old console with limited fan base. Therefore Reactris will be a free download release.

Will there be carts? If people want cart or CD versions of the game then this could be a possibility. For now we are just concentrating on getting the game finished.


Petrov Vitchslova has started his new job as a fuel controller in the new pod plant. The breakthroughs in pod science have been great these last few years and he is lucky to have such a high powered job…

All is not how he had first thought, it transpires that pods arrive in a variety of shapes, and his job is to align them between the two sides of the reaction chamber. With a complete circuit between them the pods vapourise into a burst of energy (and sometimes more strangly into a heat absorbant fluid!). Having previously worked with the “Wacky floor tile” emporium fitting floor tiles for billionaire old ladies Petrov is quite confident he can align some pods!

Unfortunetly all is not as simple as he had hoped, those crafty evil hippies are determined to shut down these useful sources of power, hoping to force the entire population into sandle wearing unwashed tree-huging nutters.. the fiends! Some of them have managed to sneak in an sabotage the pod production machinery! Not every pod produced is quite right and if Petrov doesn’t deal with these abused pods quickly they are going to make more problems for him!

Undaunted by the task at hand, Petrov roles up his sleeves, and gets stuck in, providing cheap clean energy for all…..


Align the fuel pods into the reactor, pods can be rotated or dropped into the core. Be careful the more there are the hotter the core! Whilst submerged by coolant the pods are relatively safe, out of the coolant and they will quickly overheat and explode! Unfortunetly the coolant can only handle so much heat, it will start to boil off if the core temperature raises too much. Thankfully due to the laws of improbable physics, reacting multiple complete rows of pods will cause an increase in coolant.

Keep your eyes open for special pods, these can either be beneficial, or sabotage!