U235 SoundEngine 0.23 released!

After a 4 year break, why not go for the other extreme? So here we are with roughly a week since last release!  and quite a bit done too (full details in the changelog).

A significant change has been made to the way fine tunes in modules are handled, this has removed the need of a 4K LUT and impact on system bus when working with samples with a fine tune applied, as well as much more accurate playback of these samples with other effects.

As well as optimisations to the code to free up some extra cycles on the DSP, we have exposed a couple of SE status registers, allowing users to monitor for successful stopping of the DSP, and the status of sample voices, so now you can look to see if there is a voice doing nothing and fire a sample on it, instead of overwriting an existing sample.

Also the ability to stop a looping sample when it reaches the end of the loop, and not immediately. 

As always, it can be downloaded here