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Jaguar Archives

They’re back!

I just noticed that the Archive of files we host on our site wasn’t as readily accessible as I thought! OOPS! my bad! sorry!  I have now (hopefully) rectified this, point your pointing thing over the ‘Jaguar Archives‘ page and fill yer boots.  🙂

New look website

Finally got sick of hand editing HTML.. so have done a quick WordPress install, a few plugin’s and here we are!  Hopefully a more useful site, and one that we can more quickly update people with our progress and activities via.

Still a work in progress (as I write this, it’s still hidden off in a seekret URL 😀 ) but arn’t most things

October update

All quiet on the web front, but things are moving in the back offices! First of all, U-235 (or most of it) are going to be at R3play, GazTee and LinkoVitch will be there, come and say hi.

The more exciting (to us) update however is that we are hoping to have a release ready in time for e-Jagfest in Kaarst this year! Hopefully it will be a full release and not just a preview. Lots to do but it is certainly looking plausible things should be ready for then. What is it? oh you’ll have to wait and see 🙂

Website launch

Our new much simplified website is launched! This is the place to go for news and information on our projects and productions. There is quite a lot to be done, and quite a lot on the list of things to do, hopefully this will mean exciting times ahead for U-235 and also the Atari Jaguar community as a whole.

We have plans to produce demos, games, source and tools. Hope you like what we have to show you.. so many things to show…