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Jaguar Graphics converter beta released

It’s been a long time in coming!  I initially wrote this tool many many years ago, then lost the source, but back then it worked only for a very very limited selection of BMP source files.  This has bugged me lots, so when I started re-looking at Jaguar development I rewrote it from scratch.  However, this time I have used the ImageMagick image processing libraries to enable support for pretty much every image format on the planet.  Spent a good few hours last night polishing off some of the rougher edges, and whipped it into an early beta release for people to use.  Still a lot to do, if there are any features you would like to see, drop me an email and we might be able to get them added.

The release can be obtained from the Developer > Jaguar Graphics Convertor section of this website.


U-235 SoundEngine 0.18 released

Complete rewrite of the sound rendering code has been made to improve tollerance of bus latency. This means that projects using the SE can now make more use of the system bus! more sprites! more pixels! clear audio! There are still finite limits as to how much can be tollerated, more work is being done to hopefully improve this further.

U-235 SoundEngine 0.17 Released

A significant change to the API has been made which will allow (hopefully) increased ease of use, as well as more accurate rendering of tracker module effects. This change has also divorced the module parser from the Sound Engine allowing for greater flexibility with future SE developments and smaller code size! Next on the agenda is to improve the rendering performance to hopefully remove or reduce the effects of latency on the system bus.

U-235 SoundEngine 0.16 Released

Another small update in terms of features, mostly bug fixes. New sound engine command added “Slide to note at rate”, updates to the manual to hopefully improve clarity of some of the tables, and also details of which module effects are currently implemented. Lots of work still to be done, hopefully the next update will be more significant.

U-235 SoundEngine Released

It’s been a fun few months working on this little gem, but now its time to unleash it on the world. There are still things to be done, and bits to be fixed but we cannot wait any longer to get this out there. Check it out here

Other great SoundEngine releated news! I am extremely pleased to be able to announce that the lovely people at Reboot have decided to include the SoundEngine in their excellent Raptor game engine. Cheers guys